Keune Dream Color Kit


Multiple Colors Available
Professional Quality, Contains Marine Extracts, Long Lasting Hair Color.
USAGE: Place the towl or cope around your shoulders and put on the enclosed gloves, remove the cap from the color cream tube and piece the tube seal with the point of the cap, pour the entire content of the color cream tube into the applicator bottle, close the applicator bottle and shake well until you have a smooth mixture, unscrew the cap from the applicator bottle ad apply the product immediately. Apply the mixture lock for lock working from the roots to the ends, distribute the color evenly using the comb and massage through the hair, leave the mixture for 30mins on the hair (Total 30min), After the development time, add a little warm water and massage the cream with the fingertips from the scalp and hair, rinse thoroughly with warm water until the water runs clear.
– Gender: Unisex
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